Modern and innovative production. Produced exclusivly for high quality horse bedding. Absolutely dust free.

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650l 100l XL

These shavings have been researched and devoped by Plospan in liason with professional riders and grooms to provide ease of use and a maximum capacity of absorbtion of humidity. The innovative method of production guarantees the grand volume of diffusion of each bale (650 l from a bale of 100L ) and economical storage space. The production also guarantees a bedding which is extremely supple, ensuring maximum joint comfort when the horse is at rest. The shavings are economical to use and the volume of waste removed from the boxes is reduced to a minimum. The shavings are completely dust-free to avoid respiratory irritation.

Totally dust-free

Optimale production procedure: 2 x thinner, 2 x more volume

Higher "in box" resilience to wear and tear

Individually wrapped in protective film against rain and sunlight.

Compressed volume : 100L

Spread volume : 650 L

Bales per pallet : 60

Palette: 295 x 120 x 160 (H x I x L) : 60

Lorry and Trailer : 1138 bales, pallets 18 x 60 bales + 2 pallets x 29 balles

Delivery of 1 x trailer (538 bales) can be arranged if another client in the same region can be found.

Price from: Sfr.9.38/ bale inc TVA (2.5%) and delivery.

Prix January 2019

Demi: 538 balles, Sfr.10.67 tva inclus

Conditions of Delivery: Unloading

Unloading of the pallets at the point of delivery must be organised by the client. The lorries carry no unloading equipment.

Please note that the pallets are large and each pallet is comprised of 48 bales. Corresponding unloading machinery is therefore advised.

Distribution Suisse: NAF GmbH , De Castella-Weg 14, CH-3280 Greng / Morat. Tel: 079 634 24 72 / 026 672 24 77