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* Nutrition plays a vital role in the restoration and repair of all parts of the body whether skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, digestive or neurological.

* Unless a carefully calculated nutritional support is provided, optimal physical conditioning of potential sport horses cannot be fully acheived. Overall peformance results will of course suffer accordingly.

* Optimising a feeding programme for the individual, with high quality, bio-assimilable supplements, will help supply the horse with the energy, vitamins, minerals and proteins that he needs. This will, in turn, increase resistance to harmful bacterial and parasitic diseases, improve recovery from all diseases and illnesses, and increase the efficiency, performance and productivity of the animal concerned.

* Optimal natural growth and repair of tissue and resistance to trauma, inflammation, viruses and infection can only occur with the help of an efficient assimilation and use of essential nutrients, i.e. complex and simple proteins, (amino acids) vitamins, trace elements, minerals and carbohydrates.

* N.A.F. is engaged in continuous and innovative nutraceutical product development and offer key nutritional support programmes to help resolve a wide range of problems concerning convalescence, conditioning and performance. NAF products are constantly updated using the latest neutraceutical research results.

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Optimise the Vitality and Performance of your Horse with the help of advanced nutritional technology .

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