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YOUNGSTOCK SUPPLEMENT - for use from weaning until first worked. It is now well known that horses suffering from nutritional imbalance as foals are likely to be hampered by reduced capacity for fitness for the rest of thier lives. Such imbalance can result in poor growth caused by undernourishment, or in Osteochondrosis Desicans (OCD), considered to be, primarily, the result of overfeeding of cereals. The use of Youngstock Supplement in the daily ration ensures an adequate, but not excessive, amount of energy in concentrates or cereals without risking a vitamin or mineral deficiency.

-Quantities : 3kg, (60 days) & 9kg.

VITAMIN E. SELENIUM & LYSINE - Vit E. and Selenium are of vital importance to growth, fertility and optimal muscle function. Lysine, an amino acid, is essential for growth and development. This product is the standard form of supplementation for mares and stallions in many of Europe's leading breeding stations.

- Quantities : 3kg, (60 days) & 10kg.

PINK POWDER - this product is not only destined for use with sport horses suffering from depressed appetite, or horses undergoing antibiotic treatment, but is equally effective when used with foals suffering from diarrhea caused by an insufficiency of intestinal micro-flora.

- Quantities : 700g, (30 days) 2.8kg

THRIVE - permits a better digestion by favourable micro-organisms in the intestine. Ultra-fine morillonite is able to absorb excess lactic and propionic acids whilst providing such essential amino acids as Lysine and DL Methionine. For use with horses which are thin and difficult to condition, or which suffer often from diarrhea.

- Quantities : 3kg, (30-45 days) & 6kg.

OVARIN - an effective nutritional response in regulating the cause of unstable hormonal balance, which is frequently the reason for infertility in mares, especially those which have recently retired from sport. Contains a combination of antioxidants, bioflavinoids, vitamins and minerals, trace elements, carotenoids and gluthione.

- Quantities : 1.4kg, (60 - 90 days) & 2.5kg

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