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BYNATONE-P - advanced formula The best known and most widely used feed supplement in the world of competition horses. Favorises physical condition, muscle developemnet and function, endurance and a marked reduction in recuperation times after intense effort.

- Quantities : 800g., (100 days) , 1.5kg. & 3kg.

FRS - an anti-oxidant formula, enriched with multiple source bio-flavonoids, providing the horse with the specific nutritional tools to help combat the destructive effects of the build-up of toxic waste (-free radicals-) which is caused by intense work, infection, injury, allergy or stress. For sport horses or horses recuperating from illness or injury.

- Quantities : 1.5kg. (50-80days)

HYPOWER - recognised as the most comprehensive feed supplement of it's kind. Contains a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, effectively fulfilling the requirements of horses designated for high level sport.

- Quantities : 3kg; (40 days) 8kg. & 20kg. ( sur demand )

ELECTROLYTES - reconstituate and/or maintain electrlytic balance after intense effort or in situations of stress.

- Quantities : 1kg. & 2kg. 4kg

... quite simply a major advance in the world of sport-horse nutrition ..........
BLOOD LIQUID - favourises the formation of red blood cells. Contains folic acid and essential B-vitamins. Destined for use with horses suffering a base in form.

-Quantities : 1l, (30-60 days) & 2l.

TEMPRALAX-P - a new generation liquid solution with a magnesium base, for horses in situations of stress, e.g. competition or transport. To be used 24 hours and again 1.5 hours before effort, so that the horse approaches his work in a relaxed manner. SEE ALSO : Tempralax-P Syringes

- Quantities : 500ml., & 2l.

EnerG - a new combination of amino-acids in syringe form, to offset the problem of diminished performance levels due to intense periods of work. To be administered orally 1.5 hours before effort.

- Quantities : Syringe 25g. 6Pack. & 12Pack

OVARIN - "marish" behaviour ( excitability, hyper-activity and agressivity ) is due to hormonal imbalance and when sport-mares are competing, can put results at risk. This effective formula has been developed specifically for mares which are subject to behavioural irregularities.

- Quantities : 1.4kg. (30 to 90 days) 2.5kg

equi-flex. msm msm electrolytes
EQUI-FLEX - the subject of many immitations, but still regarded as being the best available today. Ingredients include chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine and hyalauronic acid. Favourises the process of cartilage regeneration and maintenance after work effort or in the case of old age, therefore improving mobility and agility.

- Quantities : 800g. (50-80 days) & 1.6kg

... an average sized show-jumper, jumping an oxer approx. 1.30m. high with a spread of 1.20m., lands with a hoof to ground to fetlock impact of some 9.5 tons....
MSM - favourises optimal functioning of connective tissue, and to combat the undesirable effects of injury or the inevitable stiffness associated with a period of intense work or advancing age.

- Quantities : 1kg. (35-100 days) & 2.5kg.

respiraze. kof-eze respiraze. kof-eze.
RESPIRAZE - Muscular effort and the related capacity for performance, are governed by the absorbtion and utilisation of oxygen. Respiraze favourises the integrity of pulmonary tissue and helps to maintain this tissue in cases of allergy or irritation due to dust. See Also FRS

- Quantities : 1.4kg; (50-75 days) & 2.5kg.

KOF-EZE - a vegetable based syrup for use immediately before excercise or work to minimise the effects of coughing spasms due to dust or irritation.

- Quantity : 500ml.

SEE ALSO: Vit.E Selenium Lysine, MSM; Bio-Hoof, Thrive, Pink Powder, Blood Liquid

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