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VETERAN SUPPLEMENT - the supplement developed especially for older horses. Contains, in optimum ratios, the bio-assimilable nutrients required by animals of advancing years. Enriched in L Lysine, Calcium and Phosphorus, yeast to favour intestinal function, and organic sulphur, to favour the integrity of conjunctive tissue.

- Quantities: 3kg, (60 days) & 9kg.

RESPIRAZE - favourises the constituion and helps to maintain pulmonary tissue in case of allergy or irritations due to dust or spores. See also FRS

- Quantities : 1.4kg; (50-75 days) & 2.5kg.

.... it is inevitable that, when the horse reaches a certain age, body metabolism starts to falter and there is a decrease in capacity to regenerate tissue. Much can be done to alleviate the situation with the use of applied nutritional therapies....
BIO-HOOF - contains, in correct ratios and in assimilable form, the essential nutritional elements necessary for the growth and production of healthy, elastic hooves.

- Quantities : 1.4kg; (100 days) & 3kg.

PINK POWDER - this product is not only destined for use with sport horses suffering from depressed appetite, or horses undergoing antibiotic treatment, but is equally effective when used with older horses suffering from diarrhea caused by an insufficiency, or inactivity, of intestinal micro-flora.

- Quantities : 700g, (30 days) 2.8kg

THRIVE - permits a better digestion by favourable micro-organisms in the intestine. Ultra-fine morillonite is able to absorb excess lactic and propionic acids whilst providing such essential amino acids as Lysine and DL Methionine. For use with horses which are thin and difficult to condition, or which suffer often from diarrhea.

- Quantities : 3kg, (30-45 days) & 6kg.

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LINSEED OIL- This is a high quality, cold pressed oil. Ideal for a brilliant coat and an excellent support for the digestion.

- Emballage : 5l, (150 jours)

MSM - favourises optimal functioning of connective tissue, and to combat the undesirable effects of injury or the inevitable stiffness associated with advancing age.

- Quantities : 1kg. (35-100 days) & 2.5kg.

SEE ALSO: Equi-Flex, Vitamin E. Selenium Lysine , FRS, Blood Liquid.

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