NAF Switzerland.Specialised Feed Supplements for horses
ICE COOL - new improved formula paste with a Hammamelis base, to be applied on ligaments and tendons after intense effort. An application of Ice Cool after each intense work session diminishes the instance of eventual lesions and leg tissue injury.

- Quantities : 3kg. & 6kg.

New Product
HOOF MOIST - maintains the elasticity and resistance of the hooves and daily use prevents cracls and fissures in the hoof wall. Developed to maintain the moisture content of the corn at the desired 12-15%, in order to prevent the hoof from bcoming too dry or, conversely, water-logged.

- Quantities : 900g. & 2.5kg. Brush included.

pro-tech 100g.
PRO-TECH CREME - reduces the risk of local irritation when applied to minor skin abrasions or lesions. Particularly useful when applied to local areas, such as harness chafing or lesions on the corners of the mouth caused by the bit.

- Quantity : 100ml. applicator

tea-tree oil 1l.
WOUND CREAM - for application to minor cuts and abrasions. Contains Calendula, TeaTree Oil, Aloe Vera and MSM, all well known for their natural disinfecting properties.

- Quantity : 50g. applicator

TEA-TREE OIL SHAMPOO - this "2 in 1" shampoo ensures a thoroughly clean wash each time, with the added advantantage of a natural anti-bacterial effect because of the Melalenca (Tea-Tree Oil).

- Quantities : 1l. & 2.5l.

D-ITCH OINTMENT - a topical gel as an effective aid against the vexing problem of allergy based skin irrititations, notably "Sweet Itch". To be used daily on affected areas (mane and tail). When severe problems are encountered, the gel should be used together with D-Itch nutritional supplement.

- Quantities : 600g


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