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HYPOWER - recognised as the most comprehensive feed supplement of it's kind. Contains a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, effectively fulfilling the requirements of horses in order to ensure continuing good health.

- Quantities : 3kg; (40 days) 6kg. & 20kg (on demand)

VITAMINE E. SELENIUM LYSINE - formula containing Vit E and Selenium and Lysine, a combination essential to reinforcing cellulaire membrane and optimising muscle function.

- Quantities : 3kg, (60 days) & 10kg.

FRS - an anti-oxidant formula, enriched with multiple source bio-flavonoids, providing the horse with the specific nutritional tools to help combat the destructive effects of stress-induced disorders. For sport horses or horses recuperating form illness or injury

- Quantities : 1.5kg. (50-80days)

BLOOD LIQUID - favourises the formation of red blood cells. Contains folic acid and essential B-vitamins. Destined for use with horses suffering a base in form.

-Quantities : 1l, (30-60 days) & 2l.

thrive. pink powder. linseed oil THRIVE - permits a better digestion by favourable micro-organisms in the intestine. Ultra-fine morillonite is able to absorb excess lactic and propionic acids whilst providing such essential amino acids as Lysine and DL Methionine. For use with horses which are thin and difficult to condition, or which suffer often from diarrhea.

- Quantities : 3kg, (30-45 days) & 6kg.

PINK POWDER - this product is not only destined for use with sport horses suffering from depressed appetite, or horses undergoing antibiotic treatment, but is equally effective when used with horses suffering from diarrhea caused by an insufficiency, or inactivity of intestinal micro-flora.

- Quantities : 700g, (30 days) 2.8kg

LINSEED OIL - This is a high quality, cold pressed oil. Ideal for a brilliant coat and an excellent support for the digestion.

- Emballage : 5l, (150 jours)

equi-flex. msm msm. equi-flex. bio-hoof d-itch
MSM - favourises optimal functioning of connective tissue, and to combat the undesirable effects of injury or the inevitable stiffness associated with a period of intense work or advancing age.

- Quantities : 1kg. (35-100 days) & 2.3kg.

EQUI-FLEX - the subject of many immitations, but still regarded as being the best on the market. Ingredients include chondroitin sulphate and glucosamine. Optimal nutritional support for the process of cartilage regeneration and maintenance after work effort or advancing age, therefore improving mobility and agility.

- Quantities : 800g. (80-160 days) & 1.6kg.

BIO-HOOF - contains, in correct ratios and in assimilable form, the essential nutritional elements necessary for the growth and production of healthy, elastic hooves.

- Quantities : 1.3kg; (100 days) & 3kg.

D-ITCH - the effective nutritional response for horses where frequent and/or seasonal mane and tail rubbing is a constant problem (sweet-itch). See also D-ITCH LOTION

- Quantities : 1.2kg, (40 days) 2.4kg

respiraze. kof-eze respiraze. kof-eze
RESPIRAZE - Muscular effort and the related capacity for performance, are governed by the absorbtion and utilisation of oxygen. Respiraze supports the integrity of pulmonary tissue and helps to maintain this tissue in cases of allergy or irritation due to dust. See Also FRS

- Quantities : 1.4kg; (50-75 days) & 2.5kg.

KOF-EZE - a vegetable based syrup for use immediately before excercise or work to minimise the effects of coughing spasms due to dust or irritation.

- Quantity : 500ml.

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